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Quwwatul Islam Masjid, Preston, Lancashire

Prestech Construction have over 20 years experience in the Design and Build of Islamic Institutions such as Masjids, Maktabs & Darul-Ulooms. Our expertise gained in this country has also helped to develop such facilities overseas.

Our in-depth understanding of the uses and functions of such unique facilities has enabled us to design and construct these buildings to a standard which has set a bench mark in this country.

Please view the photo gallery of our most recent religious project in which a purpose built 1970`s Masjid was completely renovated. The Masjid had to be temporarily relocated so that a full overhaul of the entire ground floor could be carried out. This included the entrance, main prayer hall, secondary prayer hall, ablution facilities, toilet facilities, plant room, ground floor offices and a stylish modern extension to the entrance area to accommodate the shoe racks. The dated M&E system was also renewed and traditional radiators were replaced with underfloor heating throughout the ground floor.

We managed to create a modern crisp interior balanced with traditional Islamic detailing. As the project had a strict deadline of 4 months, careful planning before the works commenced on site contributed to the success of the project. The Masjid was reopened the day before the start of the month of Ramadan to a very appreciative congregation and executive committee.

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